Field Trips

Getting out to observe or interact with the world outside Bright Kids is a big part of the program. We have frequent field trips that supplement classroom studies. All students go on at least one field trip per month.

In the classroom, students are encouraged to connect what they are studying with the real world. Field trips help them to make that connection even more real. Typical trips might include a museum, the County Emergency Services Department (to see how the local government handles emergencies in the community), the Federal Courthouse, and other government facilities.

The various places that our kids have visited include the Morton Arboretum for Arbor Day, Cosley and Brookfield Zoos, Tivoli Theater for Robinhood and the Snow Princess, Sonny Acres Pumpkin Farm, Wilder Park, various movie theaters, Villa Park Police Station, Elmhurst and Lombard Libraries. We have also alternated between the Adler Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum and the Garfield Conservatory.

What is visited depends on the age of the children and the curriculum being covered by the teacher, but we always seek to connect what is being studied to the real world.