Nutrition and Sugar Policy

Nutrition and Sugar Policy

Dear Parents,

Students are expected to eat properly while attending school. Although there are many ideas about what a good diet consists of, it is generally agreed that plenty of proteins and fruits and vegetables should be part of a healthy diet.


Eating properly also includes having a good breakfast to start the day. This is particularly important so students arrive at school awake and with enough energy to study and learn more easily.


Drinks, candy and food with a high refined sugar content are not allowed at school. Shopping for drinks, cookies or snack bars at the health store or the organic section of the grocers allows you to substitute without an upset.


Healthy eating habits are very important to establish. It is a key role we all play in developing healthy eating habits in our children. If you have any questions or would like suggestions, please stop into our front office.


Thank you,

The Staff at Bright Kids Academy