1. Requesting Information

For more information on Bright Kids Academy please fill out a Request Form or call the Admissions Director at 630-620-8950.

2. Touring The School

The best way to learn more about Bright Kids Academy is to tour the school. This parent visit gives you the first-hand information you need to determine if the school is the right fit for your family. These visits take approximately 1/2 hour, and we prefer that both parents or guardians attend, when possible. Once you have visited, you’ll be in a good position to decide whether or not you wish to apply. We also hold our Open House each summer.

3. Applying To Bright Kids Academy

If you are interested in pursuing enrollment for your child, you will be given application forms to complete and material to read. A visiting day will be scheduled for your child, and the Admissions Director will explain in detail what is needed and what to expect. This begins the application process.

The following is a checklist of items needed before your child visits:

  1. Completed Application Form
  2. Completed Enrollment Form
  3. Most recent report card (if applicable)
  4. Most recent achievement test scores (if applicable)
  5. Academic recommendations from applicant’s teachers
    (Recommendation Forms will be provided to you to give to the teachers)
  6. One recent photograph
  7. $75 application fee

4. Student Visit, Interview And Testing

Preschool- and kindergarten-age children are invited to spend a morning at Bright Kids. Children who will be entering first through third grade spend the day. During the course of the day, the child will be given a short interview to ascertain what he or she knows academically and what his or her interests are. This interview gives us information needed to determine the appropriate class for that child.

Children entering fourth grade and up spend the day, are interviewed and are given an admissions test.

Bright Kid students enjoy having visitors in their class and are very inviting and friendly. After all, they were once visitors themselves.

5. Parent Interview

The parent interview (done with both parents or legal guardians) takes place once your child has received an academic acceptance into the school. This interview occurs shortly after your child visits and is done to ensure that we are all in agreement about the educational direction of the child and the educational methods that will be used. It also provides us with additional information to help us better serve you and your child.


Bright Kids’s admission process is designed to enable the school and the family to become well acquainted. It is important that interested families have as much information as possible about the school and that all questions are answered before and during the admissions process. The Admissions Director is always happy to speak with you, schedule a tour and assist you through the process.

Parents should know that while these deadlines are important, we are sometimes able to accept late applications, particularly for the older classes. We try to be helpful to out-of-town families who may not know their plans in time to meet this schedule. Feel free to call and ask.

We look forward to hearing from you!