At Bright Kids Academy our motto is ‘where 100% is the only passing grade’. The standard is that students pass each course only after they have completely mastered their materials. It doesn’t matter whether it is reading, writing, mathematics, history or science, all students must understand the materials fully and show that they can apply it.

We give the child a test covering what was learned. If the child demonstrates full understanding of the materials, he or she returns to the classroom and starts with the next higher-level activity. However, if the child needs more work in a particular area, then we tutor him or her one-on-one in order to sort out any confusions to ensure that full understanding is achieved.

Because of this high standard, our students never go on to the next level without full understanding and proper application of what was just learned. At Bright Kids, we do not pass or move a child up a grade just because of age or some other arbitrary. They must know and be able to apply the information before being asked to tackle something more complicated in a higher grade.