Study Technology

Bright Kids Academy uses Study technology as developed by renown American author, educator and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. From the 1950’s to 1980’s he extensively researched the field of education and study. In this process he discovered the specific barriers that many times prevent a person from learning. The solutions to these barriers were thoroughly tested and applied in the real world with tremendous results.

Study technology incorporates very exact and simple solutions to these difficulties, and allows students to overcome any barriers to study. It ensures students understand first and then apply what they learned. They don’t go to the next level until they have mastered their current one. Once the barriers are removed, students can advance in school and learning with total confidence that they understand the material, and most importantly can use it. Students that have been taught and apply study technology are eager to learn and are self-motivated.

Bright Kids Academy uses the reading program of the Heron™ curriculum that is based on these educational breakthroughs. It has been in use with much success over the last 40 years.