Success Stories


I did the elementary program at this school. Because of the fantastic learning and true care from the teachers I was able to receive a very strong foundation for the rest of my education. I am now a high school graduate about to start college, and I’m confident I will do well in life due to this strong basis.

Nikita Mann


My son was enrolled at the school for 4 years, and my daughter was enrolled for 2 years.  They benefitted from the individual attention given to them for each subject, and have scored between 90-98% in the nation on tests for math and reading for the past few years.  I believe that they received a strong foundation of learning which helped them understand how to approach various problem solving and thinking.  Not only did they enjoy learning from the wonderful teachers, but they made great friends there as well.  The educators truly care about each student, and have become a second family to us.

Donna Roimicher


I have had the enjoyment of teaching children how to read for the past 16 years. Our program is based on a child’s ability and not his age. I have taught 3, 4, 5 and 6 year olds how to read. Included in our program the children learn basic math skills, handwriting and phonics. The children also get an introduction into history and science. It is very exciting for me to teach young children  because I look at them as individuals. My class room is fun and busy. I instill a love of learning, and I get the family involved in the child’s progress. Knowing that I am creating a future for the young child  is very rewarding for me. I love the joy in students eyes as they read their first words, understand their math concepts or simply enjoying the learning environment with enthusiasm.

Ann Hootman, Beginner Teacher


I love that this school does placement by ability. My children are not held back because of age restrictions. They can advance at their own pace – it’s like having a gifted program as a standard operation in every classroom.